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Training & Consultation

Life & Purpose Behavioral Health has a wealth of experience in mental health and addictions treatment and is available for training and consultation for a variety of clinical issues related to mental health and addictions recovery treatment. Life & Purpose Behavioral Health is an approved CEU provider for the Ohio Counselor, Social Work, Marriage and Family Licensing Board. Please contact our office for opportunities for training and consultation. Life & Purpose can provide specific trauma informed, evidence based approaches as well as training designed to fit your organizational's needs. We are able to provide training on a variety of topics to meet the needs of your agency. Topics of training include the following:

  • Children of Trauma and Resilience

  • Structured Sensory Interventions

  • Trauma Informed and Resilient Schools

  • Resetting for Resilience

  • Healing Trauma and Restoring Resilience in Schools

The Neurosequential Model is a developmentally sensitive, neurobiologically informed approach to clinical problem solving. Grounded in the work of Dr. Bruce D. Perry, NM is not a specific technique or intervention but an approach that integrates core concepts of neurodevelopment and traumatology to inform the work we do with children and families. This model provides training/consultation, neurodevelopment assessment and recommendations based on the assessment.  

In addition to training specifically to this model, Life & Purpose Behavioral Health provides client specific. clinical consultation using NMT assessment brain metric tool. The NMT Metric includes a neurodevelopment assessment that looks at developmental risk, relational health and current Central Nervous System Functioning as well as a set of recommendations based on that assessment. Additionally, recipients will receive an NMT report as well as participate in a consultation session to review the results and look at certain core concepts of neurodevelopment to create a better understanding of the challenges the recipient might be facing that resulted in the assessment request.  

  • Evidenced based practice from the work of Think:Kids

  • Belief in Kids Do Well if They Can

  • Trauma Informed approach to challenging behavior

  • Applicable to all settings including school, parenting, workplace and clinical settings

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