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Outpatient Services

Intensive Outpatient Therapy (IOP)

Life & Purpose Behavioral Health provides intensive substance use recovery treatment providing 9+ hours of evidenced based substance use treatment as well as incorporating individual therapy to complement group treatment. Clients will receive and drug and alcohol assessment to determine level of care using ASAM criteria to determine eligibility for IOP treatment. Also available in this program is medication assisted treatment upon approval by the treatment team that includes therapist, psychiatrist, case manager and AOD supervisor.

Non-intensive Outpatient therapy

Life & Purpose Behavioral Health employs licensed professional counselors and social workers who provide individual, family and group therapy treating substance abuse problems including opioid, meth, alcohol and other illegal substances that have disrupted overall functioning. This level of care is determined based on ASAM criteria and addresses lower level of care than IOP treatment. 

Case Management Services

Life & Purpose Behavioral Health offers case management services for clients enrolled in the AOD program Appropriate services for Case management include the following: assessment of needs, assistance in achieving personal independence, daily living skills development, coordination of treatment planning, symptom monitoring, crisis management, advocacy and outreach, education and training, mental health interventions to address symptoms and behaviors, and environmental support. 

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