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"I first came to Life & Purpose Behavioral Health due to being in a crisis and my therapist was able to help me through it. Since then, I have continued to see a therapist to be able to deal with my every day life situations that sometimes seem to be too much to handle.. I feel very supported by my therapist and she helps me to get through things when I do not see any other way out."

      - T.P.

"I believe Life & Purpose Behavioral Heath has benefited me a lot since I have started my journey here. I have heard many good speakers upon their graduation of the IOP program, which gave me something to look forward to. In individual counseling I am able to speak freely with my counselor and know what I say will remain confidential. Which allows me to speak whats on my mind and hear his/her opinion on the subject. Along with the counselors, the other clients are there for one another which helped me broaden my sober support group. All in all, I am very thankful for Life & Purpose Behavioral Health and all of the services they offer here."

      - Colten

"Life & Purpose Behavioral Health has helped me in many different ways. Since attending groups I have learned many new ways to deal and cope with my everyday life without drugs. I have also been introduced to other addicts like myself that I can relate to. Since attending Life & Purpose Behavioral Health I now have a full time job and I now have my own apartment with my wife. I use to hold in all my feelings and now I feel comfortable talking to anyone at Life & Purpose Behavioral Health. I feel a lot better about myself and my recovery. Even when I relapsed they still treated me like the same person if not better. They gave me a lot of things to help me overcome my mistake and overcome my addiction. I feel like I'm going to overcome my addiction this time and become a normal respected person in society."

      - Chris

"I first went to Life & Purpose Behavioral Health after I was released from the psych unit after a suicide attempt. I wanted to be anybody but who I was. The events that I feared speaking of most, they didn't shy away from or excuse away. They helped me to understand that my life's events helped to shape the survivor I am. They taught me ways to exorcise the ghosts that had haunted me all of my life . Then I forgot some of those tools. They patiently went over them again and again and again. I never felt judged but was made to feel like I was okay; beauty marks, warts and all. That consistent acceptance has helped me to be able to be me. I am getting more comfortable living my treatment goal--being comfortable in my own skin."

      - SW

"My name is EK and I would like to take a moment of your time to express my gratitude toward Life & Purpose Behavioral Health. I have struggled with addiction for 17 years and for the first time in those 17 years, I have been able to maintain sobriety for 13 months. Their services go above and beyond the call of duty. For example, transporting clients to and from sessions, providing us lunch, one on one therapy, group support, and even social events outside of business hours. I would like to thank Janice, Dr. Davis, Emily, Carie, Brianna, and Jenny in particular. They have created safe, family like environment that has allowed for recovery to happen for myself and many others. This was my first Christmas sober and with my family in many years. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

        - EK (Marietta Times Letter to the Editor)

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