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Putting a sunset on grieving

We had the honor of talking to Azim Khamisa who is a rare individual who not only speaks of powerful and life-changing concepts but also walks his talk. Before audiences of youth and adults, as well as to public and corporate audiences, Azim delves deeply into hearts and souls, inspiring hope, courage and personal growth. Azim is committed to providing steps to join him on the journey of peace, purpose, and leadership through forgiveness.

In the Sufi tradition we have a 40-Day grieving period where you're not supposed to cook or clean house. You are supposed to grieve because grieving is medicine. In the Turkish tradition it is said "He who conceals his grief does not find a remedy for it."

My son died in such a complicated manner and later on in life I learned that in every deep trauma or deep tragedy is a spark of clarity. Every saint has suffered the dark night of the soul and that spark of clarity was this download that I made that there were victims at both ends of the gun.

The healthy way to grieve is to meditate, pray, spend time with nature. Something that also helped was journaling & therapy.

When I realized that I couldn't bring Tariq back, I wanted to create spiritual currency for Tariq so that he could soar in the next world. It also gave me purpose by donig this work it's a win for Tariq, it's a win for me, and it's a win for society.

So at some point you need a sunset on grieving otherwise you remain a victim but during the grieving period it's ok to be a victim.

You have to go to that grieving process to create a different perspective, build a sense of empathy where you recognize by taking Tony's life (Son's killer) I'm not doing anything for me or society. There is a better way to deal with this and then forgiveness can hopefully manifest.

"Sometimes this can take months or years but the point is to understand that you have to grieve and that you not only have to grieve but you have to put a sunset on grieving. It's all energy and you take that grieving energy and transmute it into something positive like I have done with Tariq's foundation.

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