Message from the CEO

Since starting as CEO in July, 2017, it has been my goal to create an agency that not only provides quality and comprehensive services to the local area, but also acts as a safe haven that our local community can depend on. Within the agency, we strive to create transformational change in an individual so that he or she may engage in life more effectively and with greater personal reward. To help achieve this, we are initially focused on the hiring of talented clinicians and the development of specific programs that allow us to more closely meet the needs of the community.

The men, women and children that come to our agency epitomize strength every day. The act of seeking help as well as the willingness to face the uncomfortable, are true signs of this. At Life & Purpose Behavioral Health, we witness clients facing tremendous adversity in their lives every day yet continuously, they are able to pick themselves up and move forward. They are truly survivors.

Bruce Lee once said, “The medicine for my suffering has been within me all along.” Such enlightening words illustrate the power that we all have within ourselves to change the course of our lives towards joy and fulfillment. My hope is that any person that receives help at our agency will walk away one step closer to realizing that life can be better.

In the current climate we face in Washington County, the state, and the country, it is imperative that quality services be made available to the public. We will continue our work to help demystify the concept of mental health treatment as well as normalize the process of change. Ultimately, we will help clients re-engage in their life and live to their fullest potential. 

-Douglas Pfeifer MA, LPCC-S